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The newly formed UpsideLMS – Experience Learning alliance, UpsideLMS, an AI-powered, cloud-based learning management system, will now have a local presence in the UK and EU.

Experience and expertise come together in the form of UpsideLMS and Experience-Learning collaboration for the resale in the UK and Europe of the former AI-powered, cloud-based learning management system.

Taking advantage of more than 10 years of experience in delivering e-learning solutions and strategic and implementation services across the private and public sectors in the UK and Europe, Experience-Learning is expanding its portfolio by adding a new-age, full-featured learning platform that is trusted by over one million users worldwide.

The Learning Management System is the proprietary product of UpsideLMS, a multinational learning-tech company headquartered in India that serves 100 + customers across industries and geographies. Complete with traditional training management apps such as eLearning, Classroom Training and Virtual Classroom, through its AI-based suggestion engine, it also provides social learning, mobile learning and continuous learning. Analytics, Reporting, Gamification, APIs, and Integrations complement this.

Glenn Stewart, the co-founder of Experience-Learning, said, “It makes immense sense, and certainly great business potential, to put together a leading player on Learning Management’s world stage together with UK-based experts to introduce these programs across many vertical markets.”

Amit Gautam, Director and Ceo of UpsideLMS, echoed Glenn’s excitement: “We are delighted to join hands with Experience-Learning and introduce our best-in-class learning management system to the UK market while leveraging the experience and expertise of our on-ground partner team at Knowledge-Learning. Our partner’s knowledge of the area and the market, their local presence combined with our technical know-how, global LMS penetration and use by more than 1 million users make it a perfect solution for businesses across UK industries.

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On Experience Learning

Expertise-Learning is a leading provider of state-of-the-art, UpsideLMS-centric learning system solutions. The designers have a wealth of experience in projects involving e-learning and deployment spanning many commercial industries.

About UpsideLMS

UpsideLMS is a leading provider for enterprise-wide learning-technology solutions. Established in 2004, the business has steadily built up an innovation reputation and best value for its happy 1M+ users.

Products and Services portfolio includes:

  • UpsideLMS-A full-featured, cloud-based learning management system with web, offline, formal, social/informal, and mobile learning support.
  • UpsideLMS Mobile — The (Online) Mobile App extension of UpsideLMS, our multi-award-winning learning platform for online, formal (including ILT and Virtual) and social learning delivery.
  • UpsideMOVE — A mobile app powered by UpsideLMS to provide offline (no internet) content in the form of videos, reference materials and courses.
  • eLearning off – the-shelf-A wide range of ready-to-use, mobile-friendly eLearning videos and courses.

A recipient of 38 industry awards and recognition, it is guided by a team of dedicated individuals who have made it their mission to make L&D a success for all sizes and types of businesses across sectors and countries.

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  1. Nice share and very good news that the UpsideLMS- Experience Learning alliance, will now have a local presence in the UK and EU.

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