Teachr LMS for Advanced Corporate Training

Learning Management System (LMS) A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting. Also, used to delivery educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs. The learning management system concept emerged directly from e-Learning. Although the first LMS appeared in the higher education sector, the majority of the […]

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Microlearning: When And How Should Organizations Use?

Microlearning, however, is not a magic bullet — it is just one digital learning method, though in the modern-day scenario it is very useful. Like all methods, to get the most out of it, microlearning must be used in some way and only at those moments of the learning experience of a learner. Instructions For […]

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employee training game

How Serious Games Lead Higher Corporate Training ROI

Looking for a more effective method of training for employees? Try serious games in corporate training! You will improve the performance of employees as well as the ROI of your training. Learn how to do it! Increasing Corporate Training ROI With Serious Games Current, technology-driven eLearning approaches have long outperformed traditional classroom training. Not to […]

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Self-Hosted LMS Benefits We Tend To Overlook

Introduction Instead of depending on cloud-based servers, LMS solutions are hosted locally on your company’s server. But, are they a wise investment in your online training program? Is the cost of the upfront really worth it? Or would an immersive LMS approach make the company better off? Let’s discuss 7 benefits that are often overlooked […]

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7 Game Mechanics In Your New Gamification LMS

You are already sold on gamification and are able to integrate it into the learning technique online. Which features do you need to have LMS to help you realize your vision? In this article I highlight in your latest gamification LMS the top 7 game mechanics to look for. The Best Game Mechanics Your New […]

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Tips To Remember Before Outsourcing The Onboarding Training

Businesses large and small sometimes outsource onboarding training activities to other companies in order to focus on other HR-related tasks, but how do you know if this is the right choice for your business? An informative approach to Outsourcing your Onboarding Training There are many advantages to outsourcing the onboarding needs of your employee to […]

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Game-Based Learning: 5 Trends in Serious Games And How To Use Today

The latest trends in serious games show that there is a growing game-based learning industry. Learn how serious games can also support your business! Advantages of Serious Games Trends For thousands of years, games have been around. Games have also evolved a lot from Tic Tac Toe and Hangman to Tetris and Super Mario Brothers. […]

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5 Strategies To Innovate Your e-Learning Experiences

In today’s modern scenario, e-learning has proved to be the most effective way for organizations to reduce their carbon footprints, boost employee engagement and workplace efficiency. The blend of latest learning technologies and strategies offer enterprises with good business opportunities to prepare them for the future of Learning and Development. The primary objective behind workforce […]

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Robo Wunderkind – Robotics Product at ISTE 2019

Many people believe the future is going to be all about robotics. Despite widespread fears that robots and AI will lead to mass job losses in the coming years, by one estimate, AI and robotics will create 60 million more jobs than these fields eliminate between now and 2022. Moving forward, job growth in the […]

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