The Benefits of Online Training Platform

There are a ton of advantages when it comes to using an online training platform. Here’s a glimpse at just a few of our favorite benefits.

Flexible Learning

It used to be very common for companies and organizations to deliver onboarding and ongoing training through in-person training sessions. This meant that employees needed to be taken away from their day-to-day tasks and responsibilities to participate in training. Now, an online training platform gives everyone the chance to take online courses anytime, anywhere. This means they have the flexibility to complete training when it’s best for them.

Increased Engagement and Retention

Additionally, online training software gives everyone the chance to learn and revisit training when and where it’s right for them. Since they have the flexibility and accessibility to take training at a time and place that’s right for them, they’re more likely to engage with the training content instead of juggling numerous priorities. Online training software also gives employees the chance to search for and revisit training content if they need a refresher.

Improved Tracking and Metrics

Training is only beneficial if you track the efforts and outcomes. Instead of keeping track of training participants and assessment scores in various excel spreadsheets or documents, online training platforms incorporate progress reports, assessments and quizzes, and feedback scores. This makes it easier for trainers and leaders to keep track of training progress and identify gaps in their training program.

Build Virtual Training with Online Training Platform

Old-school online training platforms are notoriously inefficient and difficult to navigate. For example, with traditional eLearning creation software, it could take weeks or months just to learn how to launch your first lesson. Elearning authoring tools should be simple, straightforward, and easy to use.

Teachr’s intuitive Lesson Builder makes it easy to develop online training courses quickly. Our one-of-a-kind training creation software is designed to help you produce elegant, clean lessons that are automatically optimized for mobile, and drag-and-drop content elements make it easy to build lessons and resources for your team. Teachr’s learning software also makes it a snap to include interactive elements in your lessons—from peer learning tools to quizzes, flip cards, and videos. With Teachr, your team will have the best online training program.

Give Teachr a try and experience the ease and simplicity of our modern eLearning authoring tools. Comparing our software to other eLearning programs prove that Teachr’s platform is not only user-friendly but also optimized for creating high quality, valuable training for employees at every level. You’ll love how easy it is to create new lessons and save time with the Teachr training platform.

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Online Training Videos

For modern employees, learning means more than simply reading books and memorizing information. Those forms of knowledge transfer have been revolutionized by multimedia learning programs and interactive lessons. And Teachr’s dynamic online learning system incorporates all forms of media—including videos—into the courses, lessons, and resources you build for your team.

Conveying certain messages and information through video can be a faster, more effective way for employees to learn and retain that information. And the best online training software and eLearning tools include a video training platform. With our eLearning app, you don’t have to be a technologist to upload or embed videos. Teachr makes it easy to upload and embed videos and combine those videos with supporting text for complete and comprehensive lessons.

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Corporate Training Software

At Teachr, we speak with a lot of teams who are looking for the best training management software possible for their company. Online management training and online employee training software built are focused on productivity learning. It’s designed to help teams learn the information they need to do better, more tactical work.

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