3 Tips For Finding The Right Self-Hosted LMS For Your Organization

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If you have opted to move to a Self-Hosted LMS solution, a few things still need to be remembered. Here are a few tips to help you make your choice easier.

3 Tips For Finding The Right Self-Hosted LMS

1. Test Before you Buy

An LMS supporting self-hosting is an investment. So you have to do your homework and test drive your top choices. Determine if the user interface is user-friendly and the features are worth the price.

This also gives you the opportunity to see if the support services are at the same rate. Does the LMS have a functioning forum for clients, for example? Could you easily get assistance from the tech team with a glitch?

Most LMS providers have no strings attached to offer free trials and demos. Until making your order, make sure you compile a list of questions during the test period and answer them with the LMS vendor. Since signing on the dotted line, you don’t want a bad case of buyer’s regret.

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2. Make A Team Effort To Select

In the LMS decision-making process, every member of your team should be involved. In particular, those who frequently use the platform to build and set up tools for online training.

Invite them to test and give feedback on the system. Ask them about the overall experience of the user, and if the features were useful. You can also ask for recommendations as they may already have some of their own top choices.

3. Establish A Realistic Budget

Setting a budget with a self-hosted LMS is simpler. However you need to ensure that all costs are accounted for, not just the upfront fee.

Consider the ongoing maintenance, the expense of content development, and updates that you will have to purchase in the future. This will allow you to measure the most realistic ownership costs and avoid spending more than you can afford in the long run. Ask the LMS provider for a thorough estimate so that you can add up everything and choose the best LMS for the money.

As you can see, self-hosted learning management systems come with many advantages for your company. They allow you to configure virtually every aspect of your LMS platform, give you the opportunity to implement your security measures and integrate the framework with existing compatible tools. While the upfront costs may be higher, in the long run you can save money.

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Would you plan to move to a self-hosted learning management system? We would love to hear your feedback about your thoughts and experiences.

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