LMS in Edtech: 7 ways an LMS supports Edtech strategy

Colleges and training providers need to handle a lot of info. The problem is, many still rely on the legacy and even paper-based systems manage the administrative and student data systems, which is time-consuming, and expensive by LMS. Weak control of student data makes it more difficult for educators to shape a full image of […]

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eLearning: How could LMS Technology Help

The Key Benefits of Adopting LMS in eLearning For some time now learning and training across various digital platforms (eLearning) has been in vogue. As learning is delivered via internet-based platforms such as Learning Management System or LMS Technology and made accessible to users through electronic devices such as computers, tablets, or smartphones, it provides […]

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Remote learning

How An LMS Solves Learning Challenges In Remote Working

LMS In Remote Working Imagine the workers at home, returning to their pyjamas for work. Sounds like a bad dream, aren’t they? Okay, not so much. Reports say the number of people who work remotely has been gradually increasing. What sweets the deal is that companies are starting to adopt the idea of the workers […]

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Online learning

How to use an LMS for Teaching and Professional Learning

Schools can double the value of their technology by using their LMS for teaching and staff development You are introducing a new learning management system (LMS) for students, but all of your professional learning is either hosted on a different platform or delivered in-person with notes exchanged via email afterwards. Sound familiar to you? It’s […]

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Interaction and Self-direction in Courses focused on LMS

Learning management systems offer top incentives for self-directed learning, but solo learning can lead to disengagement of learners. However, it is known that experiences with teachers and/or other learners keep the learners engaged. This article deals with the balance between interaction and self-direction. Interaction and Self-direction mixed One of the main advantages of an apprenticeship […]

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