Gomo Experts Reveal eLearning Best Practices in New Ebook

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From Tool Choice to Measurement: 6 Steps to eLearning Authoring Success outlines best practices, and at all points in their partnership with eLearning authoring tools, Ebook, flags frequently ignored problems for organizations.

Gomo, the cloud-based eLearning platform for authoring, uploading, and analytics, has released a new ebook featuring contributions from six of its experts. Beginning at the very beginning of an organization’s eLearning authoring journey — selecting the right authoring tool — the ebook covers all L&D practitioners need to know to make the most of a new or existing authoring tool.

The ebook aims to help beginners create digital learning content as well as experienced content creators, with solutions to common issues that the team has encountered consistently in the eLearning industry during their tenure.

“These are the types of subjects that we all discuss over and over again. Even if you have used your latest authoring tool with enjoyment for years, it never hurts to analyze things from the perspective of a beginner. You may consider: are new employees being properly taken on board? Would you help them understand why tools were selected in the first place? But there is always something new to learn about content creation and to get the most out of it, “Gomo’s managing director, Gavin Beddow said.

The ebook’s six chapters include identifying your eLearning authoring needs, focusing on your budget, how to effectively introduce a new authoring tool, how to create content, best practices for evaluating and checking material, and how to assess and track digital learning programs.

You must discover how to read the full ebook:

  • Having a vision of your L&D team is just as important as knowing their current skills when selecting an eLearning authoring tool
  • Starting with a small budget can be an advantage indeed
  • Education for new software technologies is often compromised by a lack of time to implement the learning practically
  • Above all, the learners want material that doesn’t waste their time and leaves no doubt how important it is to them
  • Testing will start as soon as you build your first significant prototype
  • xAPI does not just mean deeper monitoring – it opens up possibilities for hosting that can help you deal with bandwidth and regional hosting problems

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