Facts about LMS that You Should Know


Nearly every elearning program that exists today in almost every industry is powered by a learning management system (LMS).

The LMS is what is responsible for successful delivery and recording of the course content. Depending on the system that you are using, it is also what is behind the gamification elements, communication points (such as email and forums), and overall “brand” for your courses.

It’s clear to see that learning management has come a long way since the early days of elearning.

At one time it was more of a “behind the scenes” application, but now it is often used to directly enhance the learning experience. Once considered clunky and dull, a modern LMS is flexible, often open-source, and feature-rich.

If you are interested in learning just how much the LMS industry has grown-up over the years, consider some of the facts below that were originally shared by ELearning Industry.

  • The LMS market is a billion dollors in the corporate sector alone and grows fast
  • Government institutions are the lowest users of LMSs
  • Despite mobile learning enhancements, a recent survey found that roughly 89% of users access their LMS from their desktop computer (76% from laptop)
  • More than 30% of LMS buyers have switched from their previous LMS to a new one
  • 32% – 35% of organizations have used the same LMS for the past 3-4 years
  • The most cited reason for switching to another system is because additional features are required
  • While purchasing LMS, 33%-34% of decisions are primarily based on the price
  • 32% of LMS purchasing decisions are based primarily on price
  • A gamify approach a safety training can lead 40%-45% reduction in safety incidents.
  • More than 65% of corporate companies reports using online learning to enhance their employees training program.

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  1. Interesting Craig..!
    Nice share

  2. “More than 65% of corporate companies reports using online learning to enhance their employees training program”. This one was quite interesting fact that we doesn’t know before. Thanks Joseph.

  3. Today, it’s estimated that about 50% college students are taking at least one course online.

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