Docebo Launches Virtual Coach And Docebo Discover

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Docebo, the world’s leading Artificial Intelligence-powered learning platform, introduces the latest series of product updates for enterprises seeking to make learning their competitive advantage. Docebo 7.8 has customization at its core, with the goal of generating a more impactful learning experience for each learner, while easily empowering administrators with the tools they need to develop deeper learning experiences.

Docebo Virtual Coach

At the core of the update is the launch of the AI-powered Virtual Coach, a proactive learning coach for every single user. The virtual coach has proactivity at its core, increasing productivity and enriching the learning experience while offering administrators and managers peace of mind that their learners are well cared for.

“Imagine that you had a personal trainer dedicated to improving your job. This is the Docebo Virtual Coach, an AI-powered assistant who will help employees stay up to their learning deadlines, find relevant and necessary information in the workflow and provide opportunities for timely and important learning.,” said Docebo CEO Claudio Erba.

The Virtual Coach uses a conversational user interface to communicate with learners:

  • sends push notifications about content or learning activities to be completed,
  • makes personalized content recommendations,
  • sends progress reminders,
  • answers questions about their learning platform’s content.

Docebo Mobile Pages

Docebo customers have had the industry-leading ability to create exclusive personalized learner experiences since the release of Docebo Pages. With mobile accessibility at the heart of current industry expectations and trends, Docebo is excited to introduce Mobile Pages, which enables platform administrators to develop tailor-made mobile learning environments in their learning platform with a drag-and-drop, widget-based interface — and no coding skills required for different user groups.

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Docebo Discover

Customers from Docebo have repeatedly shown a deep desire to increase the independence of their learners. Docebo Discover unlocks an all-new avenue for content opportunities, using Artificial Intelligence to curate high-quality, highly personalized learning content linked to individual learners skills that they want to develop — at no additional cost to those currently using Docebo Coach & Share. Learners will see a new content channel packed with a curated content stream that refreshes every few hours and requires no intervention from the administrator, freeing admins from the time they otherwise spend searching for new, relevant content for each user.

“Docebo Discover’s Learning Experience Platform (LXP) functionality satisfies the most stringent requirements of the modern learner,” said Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer, and Principal HCM Analyst at The Brandon Hall Group. “Powerful yet easy to use, Docebo Discover acts as the connector L&D leaders need to bring the best elements of the LMS and LXP together, in a single environment.”

After activating Docebo Discover, learners are asked to identify areas of improvement or skills that they want to focus on. The AI technology suggests a number of skills related to their role in getting them started, but it also helps learners identify additional skills related to the job title they put on the platform. The AI cherry-pick relevant Internet content that is most relevant to their skills, populating the “My Improvement Areas” channel of the learner, empowering them to play a proactive role in their learning experience.

forMetris For Learning Impact

Lastly, Docebo acknowledges that one of the most frustrating aspects of learning and development research is to spend so much time designing what you believe is great learning programs, only to be unable to monitor their success properly.

Docebo has partnered with forMetris, the global leader in measuring learning impact, to provide seamless insight into enterprise learning activities. This impressive implementation offers qualitative data through ready-to-go surveys and analyses that are quickly replicated to better understand the success of their learning programs as an enterprise expands. With this system, the training manager will have a different way of making data-driven learning methods decisions to be applied within the company.

These new features put AI and learning personalization at the core of the L&D activities of an organization, with the goal of generating deeper learning experiences that generate more impactful learning outcomes to transform enterprise learning into a distinct competitive advantage.

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