Blue Sky eLearn Announces Acquisition of Learning Strategy and Development Company, IMPART!

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SAN DIEGO, CA – Blue Sky eLearn announced today that they have acquired learning development and strategy company, IMPART! and will now be offering learning strategy, design and development services in house, in conjunction with their Path LMS™, webinar and live streaming services. IMPART! will continue to operate under the IMPART! brand.  

Founded in 2014, IMPART!’s rapid design and prototype model has proven to be best-in-industry in the instructional design space. IMPART! serves associations, non-profit groups and businesses across the nation who are determined to expand their market footprint through content strategy, instructor-led training design, slide enhancement, and eLearning development.

“I’m thrilled to accelerate our commitment to innovative learning solutions with the acquisition of an organization so aligned with our vision” shared Philip G. Forte, President and CEO. “Dan Streeter and IMPART! brings a particular expertise that will greatly enhance our suite of learning solutions for clients.”

Dan Streeter, Vice President of Learning Strategy and Development stated, “This acquisition by Blue Sky eLearn helps put IMPART! at the forefront of the eLearning world in terms of resources and allows us to serve Blue Sky eLearn and IMPART! customers alike with unprecedented quality and efficiency. We are honoured to become a part of the Blue Sky family and truly look forward to transforming the landscape of eLearning through our combined efforts.” 

Blue Sky eLearn provides an award-winning learning management system and webinar and live streaming services to its clients. Since its founding, Blue Sky has been focused on transforming how organizations are delivering educational content to their audiences.

1 thought on “Blue Sky eLearn Announces Acquisition of Learning Strategy and Development Company, IMPART!

  1. Blue Sky eLearn – Path LMS – Needs to improve and there are more cons than pros.
    1. Not very admin friendly. We’ve had issues with adjusting/editing/adding courses on the back end.
    2. It is limited with the number of toggles tied to one account. There are certain sessions that I must manually switch over as opposed to simply "flicking a toggle".
    3. A few of the reports have to be emailed so at times it’s annoying to wait for the file to arrive via email rather than direct download from the site.

    Then I switched to Teachr LMS, it works perfectly for me.

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