AKTO eLearning Platform for sports career

AKTO, First eLearning Platform for Sports Career

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What is arguably the world’s first eLearning platform dedicated exclusively to the sports industry – AKTO – was officially launched in October to help teenagers from developing countries achieve their dreams of a sports industry career. While sports career eLearning itself is not a new idea, it is an eLearning platform designed for this unique purpose and dedicated to it.

AKTO eLearning Platform for Sports Career

With a “Play Your Future” motto, AKTO aims to help train young people for employment opportunities to claim their own piece of hundreds of billions of dollars worth of a global sports industry pie. So eLearning is the way it will achieve this goal.

The platform will feature content developed and approved by professionals in the sports industry, most often presented in the form of animated videos that are considered to be particularly appealing to its target market of young people. Gamification features will also be popular to maintain a high level of student engagement and evoke a healthy level of learner competition.

Subjects will cover key sports industry areas such as marketing, finance, and governance. You may think of it as vocational training to prepare for direct entry into the sports industry, and/or as formal pre-learning to help them reach a higher education bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Through an open model system, learners will have the ability to customize their learning path with content doled out in a 3-minute video-based microlearning method. The website of the company is in its early stages of development and states that prices will be competitive, but it does not provide information. Learning takes place from the App Store and Android devices via Google Play via the AKTO mobile app available for iOS devices.

More than Just eLearning

Everyone knows that there is more than just learning to develop a successful career. AKTO recognizes this and plans by facilitating direct relationships between learners and potential employers to help learners work towards concrete job opportunities. Employers may be federations, clubs, leagues or specific team properties. But in an interesting step, internship and job interview training prospects are conditional on learner success and commitment. Such opportunities will only be open to the top students. After all, sports are competitive if nothing else.

Initial focus of Geography

AKTO does not roll out simultaneously in all global markets. Its initial focus is on beta testing in Cape Verde with the blessing of the Government of Cape Verde, University of Cape Verde, and the entire sporting ecosystem of the country.

Once beta testing is complete, AKTO will be launched in addition markets, including Portugal by the end of 2019, Brazil by the first quarter of 2020, Mexico and other Latin American countries by the end of 2020, Africa and the Middle East by 2021, and then India and China by 2022.

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